Information About Care Fees and Refundable Accommodation Deposits

The Australian Government pays for the bulk of aged care in Australia, but as with all aged care services, you may be asked by your service provider to contribute to the cost of your care.
There are strong protections in place to ensure that care is affordable for everyone.
The Australian Government regulates the maximum costs you may have to pay. You will never be denied the care that you need because you cannot afford to pay.
At Ningana we will always place your care needs first. Our accommodation prices are the maximum we will charge and we will always be prepared to discuss you individual financial circumstances and negotiate prices.

Please find the latest details in the document below.  

Ningana Care Fees and Refundable Accommodation Deposit - Updated July 2022 (PDF)

Independent Living Units

The rent payable is income-based, rather than based on a ‘flat rate’ for everyone. The rent is calculated in accordance with Department of Communities. The current market rent is also considered when calculating rental amounts.
Tenants pay a bond (4 weeks rent) lodged with the Rental Tenancy Authorities which is refundable on departure. The maximum rental bond payable by the tenant is equal to 4 weeks rent. A tenancy agreement and condition report (upon entry and departure) must be completed and signed and also lodged with the Rental Tenancy Authorities.

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